Camille Soulat grew up in Montluçon, self-taught, she uses mediums such as digital painting, writing and video installation.
Her practice revolves around an intimate form of narration. She concentrates on subjects and scenes with super-natural undertones. Through the diffuse shapes and silhouettes of her digital paintings, Camille exhibits a certain fascination for the transformation of ordinary moments into events.
Interested in notions such as marginality, geek culture, adolescence, she directs her practice around an interpretation and a celebration of the codes associated with both pop culture and counter-culture.


Personnal : Camille Soulat

Agent : Chris Scott


╰ Suburbcel solo show at Ballon rouge, Brussels

╰ Residence CHB - Château de la Haute Borde, Rilly-sur-Loire
╰ Pure TASTE groupshow, 310 Gallery, Los Angeles
╰ The Rotten Smell Is You, groupshow at Window in Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia

╰ Creatures, groupshow at Espace Voltaire, Paris - curated by W Studio
╰ Ne pas déranger, groupshow at Tour Orion, Montreuil - curated by Emploi Fictif
╰ No hard feelings, groupshow at Le sample Bagnolet
╰ IMAGE FÉTICHE, groupshow at Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden
╰ She BAM! Twist and shout, groupshow at Franz Flemming, Leipzig - curated by Lætitia Gorsy
╰ Atlas Obscura, groupshow at 6B, Paris - curated by Zoé Chauvet and Talita Otović
╰ What goes around comes back around, duoshow with Naïa Combary at Voiture 14, Marseille - curated by Myriam Mokdes

╰ Hypogeal, groupshow, London- curated by Jimel Lopini
╰ Divinités, fleurs, plis et replis, Les Bains-Douches, groupshow, Alençon - curated by Sophie Vinet
╰ Rubis sur ongle, curated by Thily Vossier and Chloé Momi, groupshow, Brussels- curated by Thily Vossier and Chloé Momi
╰ Muselé.e2, groupshow, Montpellier
╰ Rebel Soft, groupshow at Casa Antillón, Madrid

╰ She’s homesick with internet poisoning, solo show, at Fugitif, Leipzig
╰ DATA-BAT Online exhibition, Les Bains-Douches gallery Alençon - curated by Sophie Vinet
╰ Groupshow curated by ÉVÉNEMENT0, Subaru Paris
╰ Shower Lie soloshow at Sissi club, Marseille - curated by Anne Vimeux and Élise Poitevin

╰ Participation Derniers Narcisses at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
╰ Rhizome Parking Garage groupshow for The Wrong Biennale
╰ French Hair  groupshow curated by Romancero Gitano x Arebyte Gallery, Marseille and London

Selected press