Camille Soulat grew up in Montluçon, self-taught, she uses mediums such as digital painting, writing and video installation.
Her practice revolves around an intimate form of narration. She concentrates on subjects and scenes with super-natural undertones. Through the diffuse shapes and silhouettes of her digital paintings, Camille exhibits a certain fascination for the transformation of ordinary moments into events.
Interested in notions such as marginality, geek culture, adolescence, she directs her practice around an interpretation and a celebration of the codes associated with both pop culture and counter-culture.


Personnal : Camille Soulat


The Rotten Smell Is You, groupshow at Window in Kunsthalle Bratislava, Slovakia  - curated by Jelisaveta Rapaić
Elixir, groupshow at Tlaloc Studios, Los Angeles - curated by Gabriela Ruiz
Paralleler Garten groupshow, Postdam, Germany - curated by TacuBaby
Pure TASTE groupshow, 310 Gallery, Los Angeles
Suburbcel solo show at Ballon rouge, Brussels - curated by Helene Dumenil and Nicole O'Rourke 

Residence CHB - Château de la Haute Borde, Rilly-sur-Loire

Creatures, groupshow at Espace Voltaire, Paris - curated by W Studio
Ne pas déranger, groupshow at Tour Orion, Montreuil - curated by Emploi Fictif
No hard feelings, groupshow at Le sample Bagnolet
IMAGE FÉTICHE, groupshow at Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden
She BAM! Twist and shout, groupshow at Franz Flemming, Leipzig - curated by Lætitia Gorsy
Atlas Obscura, groupshow at 6B, Paris - curated by Zoé Chauvet and Talita Otović
What goes around comes back around, duoshow with Naïa Combary at Voiture 14, Marseille - curated by Myriam Mokdes

Hypogeal, groupshow, London- curated by Jimel Lopini
Divinités, fleurs, plis et replis, Les Bains-Douches, groupshow, Alençon - curated by Sophie Vinet
Rubis sur ongle, curated by Thily Vossier and Chloé Momi, groupshow, Brussels- curated by Thily Vossier and Chloé Momi
Muselé.e2, groupshow, Montpellier
Rebel Soft, groupshow at Casa Antillón, Madrid

She’s homesick with internet poisoning, solo show at Fugitif, Leipzig
Shower Lie, soloshow at Sissi club, Marseille - curated by Anne Vimeux and Élise Poitevin

Participation Derniers Narcisses at Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Rhizome Parking Garage groupshow for The Wrong Biennale
French Hairgroupshow curated by Romancero Gitano x Arebyte Gallery, Marseille and London

Selected press