Moist from a neighborhood

Rebel Soft transports us to our childhood through bright and dark memories in this new exhibition space: a dreamy basement secretly hidden under the floor of consciousness. A dialogue of innocence and rebellionby the artist from Salamanca (Spain), Irene Izard and from Marseille Camille Soulat, curated by Casa Antillón, Madrid.

Our memories arrive through an intimate gaze. A misty area, a lost territory, a dark basement somewhere in our conscience. However, our thoughts not always revel our deep memories; the images and things that surround us help us to reveal those memories. They open the path of our inner gaze.
Rebel Soft is constructed memory, thanks to the imagination. A distant memory invokes our childhood. A dreamy underground hidden in secret under the floor of reality. A dialogue between innocence and rebellion hand in hand with images and objects from Camille Soulat and Irene Izard: digital visions, sparkly and dark figures, stuffed soft animals that lost all naivety.
Once, these objects were memory and thinking -in their authors’ minds- and now they perfomr freely our world. Images an objects that activate the blurry dialogue between life and imagination; between reality and fiction; between the material and the dream; between the uncertain space of the physicalness and the unexplored universe of digitalness