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What cannot be said will be wept

Regularly deeply embarrassed by who we are, the journey to self-knowledge begun.

Memory foam material

Memory foam material is a film project exploring how memory can leave an intangible print in our mind and how we imprint the world we live in. It’s about the relation between substances and all we build around them. Eyes fixed on screens, and the life that goes by.

« MEMORY FOAM MATERIAL » 2021 - France - HD - 16’10 english speaking
Directed by Camille Soulat
Sound design by Samuel Gouttenoire
Camera and 3D
by Lilian Hardouineau
Credit animation by Paul Bizkargüenaga

Breaking my silence - hey

Part of TWIST & SHOUT’ group exhibition now on view at She BAM! Franz Flemming Str. 9 - Leipzig with works by Romy Alizée, Ellen Akimoto, Anastasia Bay, Zohar Fraiman, Guerrilla Girls, Anaïs Goupy, Célin Le Gouail, Opal Mae Ong, ORLAN, Tatiana Ovrutschski, Peggy Pehl, Chloë Saï Breil-Dupont, Camille Soulat, Sophia Süssmilch. Curated by Lætitia Gorsy.

‘Twist and Shout’ brings 14 artists from different origins, backgrounds and ages into an intergenerational dialogue, as being a woman has always been a one and single combat for rights and acknowledgements through time. ‘Twist and Shout’ is an exhibition proposal about the representation of the woman by women that combines portrait analysis, image d'Épinal scenes, body's representations and languages as well as activist statements. Transformation is the key here, body and soul, as the last part of an understanding that was born in a hard twist, like a shaking manoeuvre and that has to be shouted out in and out of the gallery, into the world.

Breaking my silence - hey, 68,49 cm x 100 cm

In the Myers Briggs Type indicator test you have to answer if in a crowded room you would most likely stay close to the walls and avoid the center.
To introduce two domestic rats it’s recommended to place their cages side by side for a week. The rats need to become used to each other’s scents so the newcomer smells less like an impostor and more familiar. In the middle School alley, I am watching me watching you and saying hey to you.

What goes around comes back around

Duoshow made with the artist Naia Combary and taking place at Voiture 14 Marseille.
The duo submerges us in the intensity and nostalgia that accompanies first experiences through the ambivalent emotions that live within us as well as the boundaries that must be crossed in order to build ourselves as ourselves. It’s the chorus of a pop song that we listen to again and again, a memory that repeats itself, it is all those lived experiences whose effects we continue to live through. Somewhere between magic and virtual reality, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND explores a vulnerable age and the ritualistic interfaces which are used to communicate within it.