memory foam 


Memory foam is a project exploring how memory can leave an intangible print in our mind and how we imprint the world we live in. It’s about the relation between substances and all we build around them. Eyes fixed on screens, and the life that goes by.

The project regroups digital paintings printed on deconstructed plexiglass, and a video installation.The video piece is fil with a 3D scans of strangers’bedroom found on the internet alluding to the Hikkomori lifestyle. The definition of the Japanese concept Hikikomori is a life focused on the home, without interest or desire to go to school or work for more than six months.

A voice over, like a thought, narrates a mix of scientific facts, historical discoveries and non-fictional anecdotes, the whole narration intimate and express how metaphysical and ordinary can meet to figurate the impalpable nature of human stories.

3D motion design : Sophie Mil
Sound design : Samuel Gouttenoire

All the pictures were taken by Jean-Damien Charmoille